Why Choose Our Office?

Let’s be honest, in our local area we have many dental offices, and most do a pretty good job. So we really had to think hard about why you should choose our office.

In order to answer this question, we thought to ourselves:

If we as dentists need our teeth fixed, what do we do?

To answer this, let’s get a little history and perspective into the evolution of our office. 

  • This office was originally taken over by Dr Malhotra and Dr Dizon in Oct 1997. 
  • From 1998-2000 Dr Malhotra specialized in Endodontics from Boston University (root canals), and became an endodontist. Dr Dizon did an mini residency in cosmetic dentistry. 
  • Dr Malhotra founded another specialty dental office in another area, on returning from his residency, which was a referral based practice in endodontics( root canals) and oral surgery. 
  • Being a referral practice, he and his associates got referrals from the local dentists for the more complicated root canals and oral surgery, that the dentists did not want to do. 
  • In the process he noticed that many dentists and their families, when they needed root canals came to him, and if they needed oral surgery care, came to one of his oral surgery associates. What he noticed was that when dentists specialize and concentrate on their natural areas of strength, the dental care was delivered competently and efficiently. With this in mind, we decided to make our West Hills Dental office a multi specialty dental office, with all dental specialties in one location.That way you rarely have to be referred out of the office for a dental procedure.

 Also, in order to serve you in the best possible way we emphasize:

Service and quality- by choosing the right doctors who have specialized in respective fields.

Fair price schedule- that we can comfortably deliver the services

Insurance- to understand how to verify, maximize, bill as a courtesy, and accurately.