If you’ve been frustrated with missing teeth, here’s what you need to know,
Because it could cost you $1000s and years of frustration, by not knowing ahead.

Ways to replace missing tooth or teeth

  1. Partial or full denture with no implant support. 
    Pros – cheapest etc 
    Cons  have to take in and out, least chewing efficiency.
  2. Fixed bridge 
    Pros  generally middle in price, fixed in mouth, better chewing efficiency.
    Cons  Have to “file down” teeth for crowns, can make them vulnerable to root canals.
  3. Implant
    Pros – Highest chewing efficiency, can feel like natural teeth BEFORE AND AFTER OF IMPLANT.
    Cons – need enough bone available.

Conclusion..Dental implants best option if you have enough available bone.

To find out more take advantage of a FREE MISSING TOOTH EVALUATION WITH, because you can get a COMPLIMENTARY CT SCAN( Reg value $279), to find out your quality and quantity of bone, and determine which missing tooth solution works best for you.

Finally you can start chewing and eating again with confidence and enjoying food, one of the simplest pleasures of life.