Dentist in Canoga Park

Finding just the right dentist in Canoga Park can be a challenge. After all, the Western San Fernando Valley is practically a city in its own right and things can get frantic. Especially if you’ve got a family to take care of, driving 20 miles away in any direction is not really a strategy. That’s why Medical Center Dental Care is here to offer people from Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, and West Hills the chance to have access to outstanding dentistry for an individual or an entire family. It’s everything your mouth needs under a single roof!

Our team at Medical Center Dental Care includes an outstanding general dentist who is also a highly experienced pediatric dentist. That means that’s he just as adept at working with very young children as she is with the child’s parents or grandparents.  We’re also happy to have one of Southern California’s most respected practitioners of endodontia, the dental specialty focusing on root canals. Our own Dr. Harry Malhotra is the person many other dentists turn to when they need a procedure, literally making him a dentist’s dentist. For the most involved procedures, we also have an outstanding oral surgeon on our team who knows how to make sure that surgeries are both extremely safe and highly effective.

From the latest in cosmetic dentistry and orthodontia to regular checks up and exams to  stop small issues from becoming major oral health problems, our entire team is here to provide outstanding care to people from all walks of life and from throughout the San Fernando Valley. To get started, get on the phone and call us at the phone number on this page. You can also reach out to us by e-mail through our contact page.