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Perfect Your Smile

You wake up with tooth pain, and immediately begin to worry – not about your oral health, but about how many specialists you might get referred to. What if you need a root canal with an endodontist? What if you need x-rays, deeper cleaning, gum and jaw treatment in addition to tooth care? What if you end up driving all over town with tooth pain just to get treatment? If you live in the West Valley, don’t worry – Medical Center Dental Care has it all.

Our West Hills dentists offer a variety of dental services, from twice-annual check-ups and cleanings, to root canals and endodontistry, to oral surgery and maxillofacial treatments. We even have a professional West Hills cosmetic dentist on staff who can add glitz and glamor to your smile.

The caring and knowledgeable staff at Medical Center Dental Care is headed by Dr. Cristina Dizon and Dr. Harry Malhotra. Dr. Malhotra specializes in endodontistry, a practice that treats tooth decay, root and gum diseases, and structural problems inside the tooth. He can help clear out disease and rebuild problematic areas with a light touch that can relieve fears about pain related to these treatments. Dr. Dizon offers cosmetic dentistry including veneers and Lumineers to improve the overall appearance of your smile. Los Angeles is known for its glittery movie stars with Hollywood smiles, and Dr. Dizon can help you get that gorgeous smile without leaving West Hills.

Medical Center Dental Care offers other specialists, too, as well as a great team of hygienists, general dental professionals, and a caring staff that can help you with questions about insurance and treatment plans. We also offer a free consultation with our team to get you started on a treatment plan today.

If you need a Calabasas dentist or a dental specialist in West Hills, contact Medical Center Dental Care today.

8300 Valley Circle, Suite B, West Hills, CA 91304. Convenient Appointments Before & After Work (818)348-6068