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Gentle Care from a Top Dental Team in West Hills

In the United States, dental fear and anxiety are quite common. In fact, according to the American Association of Dentistry, 3 out of every 4 patients experiences some level of dental fear when they visit their local dentist. Nevertheless, because having good teeth is such an important, yet often neglected, aspect of one's health it's critical that patients feel encouraged to seek quality dental care. Here at Medical Center Dental Care, Dr. Harry Malhotra knows what it takes to provide the treatment options patients need while ensuring their comfort at the same time, and he does it in a friendly environment that helps patients feel at home.

As a leading dentist in Woodland Hills Dr. Malhotra and our entire team place your comfort as our number 1 priority. Due to our high level of skill, experience, and expertise, we're able to perform procedures with precision, and can do so while minimizing the chances of pain or discomfort. We're also highly experienced with working with children which makes us a top choice for anyone seeking a dentist in West Hills who can provide outstanding treatment options for the whole family. But our commitment to your comfort isn't the only reason why we're a popular options for Woodland Hills dental care. We're also committed to being light on your wallet, and provide our patients with affordable treatment options, accept most forms of insurance, and allow for flexible payment plans. The best dental care should always be at your fingertips. Here at Medical Center Dental Care, our team makes it happen.

8300 Valley Circle, Suite B, West Hills, CA 91304. Convenient Appointments Before & After Work (818)348-6068